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Performance physical therapy focusing on getting you out of pain and living the active lifestyle you deserve

Does this sound like you?

Do you have a nagging injury that just doesn’t seem to get better, despite seeing multiple healthcare providers?

Have you been told to rest and wait for the pain to subside, only to find that the injury resurfaces when you resume activity, leaving you right back where you started, or even worse?

Do you feel like you are never quite fully understood because your provider is rushing between patients with little face time between the two of you?

Do you find yourself performing basic exercises that fail to adequately prepare you for the physical demands of your daily life, work, or the activities you enjoy?

Have you ever been told you’ll never be able to perform [insert activity here] again? That your x-rays show damage beyond repair?

You're not alone.

We understand the frustration of not being able to do the things you love. That’s why at MVMT Physical Therapy and Performance, we value your time and aspirations. We want to see you thrive!

Our 3 Step Process

Comprehensive movement assessment, Katie Serrano, MVMT Physical Therapy and Performance, Carlsbad, CA


Our evaluation allows us to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the underlying factors contributing to your injury. Based on this assessment, we develop a framework of strategies to restore optimal movement and prevent future injuries.”
Addressing the root cause, Katie Serrano, MVMT Physical Therapy and Performance, Carlsbad, CA

the Root

We will further dive into understanding and addressing your movement tendencies with the aim of improving your movement patterns. Our goal is to provide you with actionable and scalable tasks that effectively target the root cause, helping you achieve long-lasting results.
Optimize Movement Efficiency, Katie Serrano, MVMT Physical Therapy and Performance, Carlsbad, CA


Now that you're moving better and out of pain, our focus is on optimizing your movement efficiency while reducing the risk of re-injury. Our goal is not only to alleviate discomfort and restore your ability to engage in activities you love, but to surpass your pre-injury performance level. Together, we'll help you move more confidently and sustain your long-term well-being.
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Don’t Settle for Less

At MVMT Physical Therapy and Performance, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals, no matter how big or small they may be. Whether it's running around with your kids, lifting heavy weights, or conquering your next half marathon, our team is here to provide the support you need every step of the way. We are dedicated to helping our community get back to doing what they love, pain-free and stronger than ever.

What you’ll get from us

  • Comprehensive movement assessment from our Doctors of Physical Therapy, focusing on you as a whole, and not just as a body part

  • Hour long one-on-one sessions with your Physical Therapist

  • Custom treatment plans, tailored specifically to your needs, to get back to the activities you want, pain-free and better than ever

  • Tools that you can use for the rest of your life to keep you moving and feeling your best
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